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Yes - Philadelphia 1979

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New release:


>>>  2006-07-01 Roger Waters - 30,000 Fans canít be Wrong!  <<<

(Hyde Park, London UK)

What do we offer?

RoIO's (as in Recordings of  Illegitimate/Indeterminate Origin)

Simple as that.
We started with only Pink Floyd RoIO's,
but when more people came by
and showed interest in more than Pink Floyd alone,
we decided to serve all kinds of RoIO's

Most files are in SHN (read FAQ if you don't know what SHN is) or FLAC (more Info about FLAC).

How to access?

Well...Quite simple. Follow the instructions on the 'how to logon?' page.

Any comments or suggestions?
Mail bunGaM0o -AT gmail DOT- com

"People here don't always like to be treated as bots -
  and bots here don't always like to be treated as people.

So if you're around, and happen to actually type something on the channel,
  and they say 'hello', they expect you to acknowledge their presence. :) "

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