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Sky-Script Serverscript for Xchat
page with various clients
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page with various clients

Pink Floyd - DSOT
- Server software

Been in the channel and like to share your own RoIO's?
You like to give something back for all the stuff you leeched???

It's very simple! Get this file:

 #ROIO-mIRC_filesharing_program  [] 

and follow the instructions.

You can still get the original SPR archive (without mirc) here: SPR Jukebox

Click here for:  How To Install SPR.txt
Read the instructions in the archive and/or faq on the site(s) first before asking an OP.

Also check the FAQ on this site when you're able to receive but cannot send.

check Google for IRC fileservers for other OS's

- Tools to play, create, edit or check SHN...

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Share your downloaded
SHN RoIO's with us!

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