<ChrisN> what is this you speak of? ;p
<SkUnKaDeLiC> 17`5 our w3bs173

<rmoog> Skunk are you disconnected from mind ?

<MuabDib> i like the Google translator from French - Roger Waters comes out as Roger Toilets
<ozNick> lol muabdid - did DG write it?
<MuabDib> possibly
<MuabDib> probably in fat
<frostbrent> Roger Toilets, that's a great title for a french roger waters roio
<ozNick> lmao

<RockFan> I had mexican for lunch today
<Taniwha^> sounds nice
<RockFan> She was :)

* ozNick says "Beware of the CAPSMONSTER!!!!" hahahaha (in creepy voice)

<drdyper> hmm, he's Nick too, are you a schizo by any chance? :-D
<ozNick> roses are red - violets are blue
<MuabDib> so Nick's nick is Oznick
<ozNick> im a schizofrenic
<ozNick> and so am i

*** CAPSMONSTER has joined #roio
*** CAPSMONSTER has left #roio

<SkUnKaDeLiC> look at that
<SkUnKaDeLiC> Payback :P
<OpethianSoul> fuck you

* OpethianSoul rubs his Plextor and says "good girl"
<WillowFarm> You're Plextor is a she?
<WillowFarm> Why all I ever get are male ones?
<OpethianSoul> not sure
<OpethianSoul> it's definitely a she
<OpethianSoul> hehe
<WillowFarm> That'll do. :)
<OpethianSoul> yes, the fun section should be updated more often
<OpethianSoul> since we have so much fun in here