*** CAPSMONSTER has joined #roio
<MuabDib> oh Wow
<SnaPsH0t> kick him
<ozNick> KICK HIM
<ozNick> go on
<drdyper> don't say things, you're triggering the script!
<drdyper> (this oughta get on the "Fun" section) :-)
<ozNick> that's why he's here - to be kicked
*** CAPSMONSTER was kicked by MuabDib (MuabDib)
<ozNick> did that feel good?
<MuabDib> ha ha it works

<WillowFarm> (Today, children we're going to learn a new concept: Private messages.)

<WillowFarm> I'm bored, I utter nonsense. :)
<OpethianSoul> I can tell
<OpethianSoul> :)

<Seamus_> i need a new os
<OpethianSoul> need a new OS!?!?!
<OpethianSoul> why replace me?
<OpethianSoul> arrrrgh
<OpethianSoul> I was beginning to like this place...

<Seamus_> i rebooted
<Seamus_> wasn't getting pages very fast
<Dyvad> try to wet your thumb
<Dyvad> it help turning the page
<Seamus_> webpages
<Dyvad> ohh
<Dyvad> it makes sense then ;)

<m0th> leech you basterds!! leech!!!!!

<Aristilus> ack!! I sense a disturbance in the Floyd... someone at my door..

<flashback17> I'm a stupid american... what is voetbal?

<OpethianSoul> I know what joe was doing after he said he'll "bbiab"

<WelcomeTo> 53rv3 1n #r010 70d4y! 45k 4n 0p f0r 1nf0 0n 53rv1n6