<dcfloyd> why am i listed twice?
<Dr_Wolf> you are?
<dcfloyd> i was
<Dr_Wolf> dcf you are not listed here twice
<Dr_Wolf> yes you were
<Dr_Wolf> it is called a personality split
<dcfloyd> i cant change to diecastfloyd or bassmanfloyd
<Dr_Wolf> if it happens often, I would recomend seeing a doc about it ;)
<Dr_Wolf> oh wait I'm a doc...

<Rasher> I used to be a headbanger
<Rasher> got neck problems now!!

<donny350> MuabDib was kicked?!?!?!
<DrWolf> yep he didnt pay his subscription

<Dr_Wolf> who did the pig?
<SnaPsH0t> never done a pig
<MuabDib> its sheep here in Wales

<Hawkeruk> hey cool Skunk has gone lets talk about him :-)

<MuabDib> i'm dead
<OpethianSoul> you are still typing, though

<Eclipse_^> echoes must be written by higher forces

<SnaPsH0t> not serving alien
<flashback17> you alien racist

<SkUnK|upsetaboutlostroios> hehe now ive thrown all my collection away i am very pissed

<ozNick> looking at DG these days - PF has plenty of band width

<normaliamnot> or indirectly, i know people who hapilly have sex with their dogs in ACT
<normaliamnot> you can even marry your dog
<ozNick> you have strange friends
<normaliamnot> you mean well you're eating ur sheep you talk about having sex with them?

*** creeping_puppets was kicked by SkUnKaDeLiC (Don't FLOOD!!)
<creeping_puppets> but i have school in 5min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!