<WillowFarm> (I sensed a dramatic announcement - then I sensed I was wrong.)

<OpethianSoul> no way I can stay alive in my current state
<OpethianSoul> way too lazy

<ozNick> or go to
<OpethianSoul> we have a site???? ;)

*** frostbrent sets mode: +o CAPSMONSTER
*** CAPSMONSTER has left #roio

<ozNick> lol
<frostbrent> damn
<frostbrent> ungrateful bastard

<MuabDib> hey Nick! you just sitting there watching this conversation
<MuabDib> ?
<OpethianSoul> it is very interesting
<OpethianSoul> as are all of #ROIO's conversations
<MuabDib> of course

<MuabDib> Hey Dread_Ska! You okay now?
<DREAD_SKA> yeah why?
<MuabDib> why not?


<SkUnKaDeLiC> i deleted a lot of rw from my pc without burning
<SkUnKaDeLiC> every show is the same :P
<SkUnKaDeLiC> prefer getting older stuff.. hehe
<WillowFarm> You didn't.
<SkUnKaDeLiC> I did!
<WillowFarm> Did not.
<WillowFarm> A bootlegoholic deleting roios. I fear for your health, dear.
<SkUnKaDeLiC> lol
<WillowFarm> It's howing signs of sanity.

<MuabDib> ugggh I have real oysters last week for first time
<SantropA> nasty?
<WillowFarm> Muad, that's a bit extreme to go on a first try.
<MuabDib> had to be a bit tipsy to keep them down
<WillowFarm> Try the plastic ones first.