<Muzique> then i got a ping timeout or something, then another 36 tries..
<MuabDib> somebody forget to lubricate the servers?

* SkUnKaDeLiC is now known as PsilozybinKubensis
<Muzique> i cant even say that

<RealGordy> Hi kids! Do you like violence?
<RealGordy> Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids?

<mihalis> right now i can barely afford to eat ;)
<WillowFarm> You mean, food?
<WillowFarm> Want me to send you a photo of some food?
* WillowFarm takes pity of the hungry

<DrWolf{Bored}> wolf
<DrWolf{Bored}> can someone say wolf?

<Seamus-> i need to shave if i'm going out today
<borillar> who goes out?
<UglierNHell> lol

<Auximinies> ...just for me.. what language are we speaking now?.....
<SnaPsH0t> dutch
<SnaPsH0t> ;)
<Auximinies> ah ok that would be why i have no idea whats going on! lol

<UglierNHell> hmmm
<frostbrent> no hmmms please
<frostbrent> at least hum a tune i know
<UglierNHell> hmmm hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm
<UglierNHell> (to the beat of your favorite floyd song)

<ubacomp> is gum chewing still allowed???
<DrWolf> NO!
<DrWolf> and humor is a kickable offense
<DrWolf> don't play smart ass in here
<ubacomp> please don't kick me and make me go back to work!!!
<DrWolf> ok then, behave
<ubacomp> i will, i promise