<Demysas> its a bad webcam
<Demysas> your losing hair with this one
<diecastfloyd> damn no hair

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<SnaPsH0t> yo
<WillowFarm> Shnapsot.
<BananaSlug> lol
<SnaPsH0t> hmm
<BananaSlug> sounds like something the english would call a drunk who likes shnapps
<SnaPsH0t> lol
<WillowFarm> Well, 'twas a very innocent syllable-exchange playing on the sound alone.
Had there been a side-effect of subliminal message in it which I'm not aware of, I hereby apologize.
<BananaSlug> lol
<WillowFarm> (And I never imagined that a one-word comment on my behalf would have to be excused so deeply. :)
<BananaSlug> a nice formal excuse it was as well
<WillowFarm> One never knows where his words might end up, these days.
<BananaSlug> tis true, but we'll rearange your words to our own intents anyways

<Seamus-> i got dog hair all over me
<Muzique> well, you are a dog

<jacktarantino> SHUP UP

<Auximenies> lol the other half is figureing out what the people who dont speak english well mean!
<BananaSlug> yea, maybe I can learn Dutch!
<Auximenies> i found a "learn dutch" cd for 10 bucks

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<MuabDib> 3 days!
<Muzique> well, something is truely wrong
<Muzique> either something bad has happened to gordy or someone he knows
<Muzique> or, hes on some vacation
<Muzique> or, his computer crashed
<MuabDib> he's found his magazines
<Muzique> yep
<MuabDib> Gordy thinks all women have staples through their navels
<Muzique> lol