<BananaSlug> we're American, not romantic
<BananaSlug> we like to kill stuff
<BananaSlug> don't piss us off or we'll invade your country
<WillowFarm> Well, some claim it already happened.
<BananaSlug> first we send in McDonnalds
<BananaSlug> if that doesn't work we send in the troops
<WillowFarm> To consume the McDonalds, you mean.

<Muzique> oh i love this place
<Muzique> you guys are my second family
<piinkfloyyd> OMFG!!!!
<piinkfloyyd> what a riot

<UglierNHell> what about the phillies?
<UglierNHell> they are my team!
<floydwall> i bet somebody will kick me after to say this........
<floydwall> phillies sux
* floydwall was kicked by UglierNHell (yep)
<mihalis> haha
* floydwall (~paranoid0@ has joined #roio
* floydwall was kicked by UglierNHell (do not)
* floydwall (~paranoid0@ has joined #roio

<floydwall> ok ok ok
<UglierNHell> hehe

<Muzique> ok seamus, ready for the webcam shots of the shower
<Seamus-> serious?
<Muzique> no
<Muzique> lol
<Seamus-> whew
<Seamus-> did you see my pic
<Muzique> yep
<Seamus-> did I live up to your expectations
<Muzique> yep
<Seamus-> tall dark and skinny
<Muzique> actually i expected a dog

<diecastfloyd> puckering my lips just for you BananaSlug
<BananaSlug> is that before or after the first bite?
<diecastfloyd> you are quite bitter
<BananaSlug> not bitter enough...