* Seamus- looks with sad eyes
<Glauque> sad dog eyes always look so sweet

* DiecastFloyd isn't really a dog
<MuabDib> shit
<ozNick> "sit" is the correct command
<MuabDib> lolololol
<DiecastFloyd> for dogs

<frostbrent> slap yourself with a trout and smell like fish

<Demysas> go on holiday
<DrWolf> yeah, nothing better than a long hollyday
<DibMuab> you should know Wolf
<DrWolf> yep :D
<DrWolf> just miss my roios....
<Demysas> they missed you
<DrWolf> good thing I got 2 with me... ;)
<DrWolf> oh I`m sure my litle babies miss their daddy
<Demysas> mmm
<Demysas> they miss your fingers in their little holes
<DrWolf> Hahaha
<DrWolf> and I miss fingering them ,)
<Demysas> :)
<Demysas> I'm fingering one now
<DrWolf> :P
<DrWolf> wich one?
<Demysas> Meddled
<Demysas> she likes it
<DrWolf> haaa yesss, one of the 2 I got with me
<Demysas> she sings
<Demysas> hahahaha

<SkUnKaDeLiC> omg
<DibMuab> wha'?
<SkUnKaDeLiC> im gonna give up my pf collection and collect only East 17 roios
<SkUnKaDeLiC> such a great band with great songs and single girls at the venue

<PinkZeppelin> not many people in here earlier
<PinkZeppelin> splits
<Dyvad> we were hiding to make u a surprise party