<UglierNHell> what i want to know is....
<UglierNHell> what the hell does gordy have that frost wants??
<UglierNHell> <frostbrent> !RealGordy 101Soundscape.shn
<BananaSlug> lol
<Auximenies> hehehehe
<CharlesP> his body?
<UglierNHell> doubtful...
<UglierNHell> i don't think frost likes that kind of animal sex...
* UglierNHell booya
<CharlesP> what if he does?
<Auximenies> then we're all gonna have to lose the body hair.....

<UglierNHell> charles you have been good you want some dessert?
<CharlesP> me do
* CharlesP was kicked by UglierNHell (GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY DESSERT!)
<Taniwha^2> lol
<UglierNHell> heheh
<MuabDib> hahaha
<Muzique> i saw it coming
* CharlesP (~ppg@ has joined #roio
<CharlesP> wtf
<Muzique> wb
* frostbrent sets mode: +v CharlesP
<Muzique> :)
<UglierNHell> oh sorry...
<CharlesP> i touched your dessert?
* CharlesP was kicked by UglierNHell (YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT

<Auximenies> lol
<Muzique> LOL
<Muzique> hmm, wonder if he'll be back
<Auximenies> hmm.. maybe he got offended...
<UglierNHell> (PM):
<UglierNHell> [19:23:53] <CharlesP> !!??!?!?!??!??!?!?!!?
<UglierNHell> [19:23:54] <CharlesP> !?
<UglierNHell> [19:23:56] <CharlesP> ????
<UglierNHell> [19:23:57] <CharlesP> !?!?!?!?
<UglierNHell> [19:23:59] <CharlesP> wha
<MuabDib> lol
<Muzique> lol
<Muzique> poor guy