<frostbrent> BOOO!
<piinkfloyyd> lol
* Auximenies shits himself
<piinkfloyyd> hehehe
* frostbrent is glad he doesn't have to clean up the mess that Auximenies makes
<Auximenies> lolol
<piinkfloyyd> lmao

* grocer ( has joined #ROIO
<grocer> who wants to fuck my bitch?
<grocer> fuck me in the bitch, bitches
<grocer> ya mean to tell me youz all finna wait
<grocer> till my bitch closes shut?
<grocer> shit,nigga
<grocer> aight
<grocer> yall aint worth a cent
<grocer> cunts <grocer> oooo bye
* grocer ( Quit

<SnaPsH0t> ...
<frostbrent> hello
<frostbrent> snap is a bot so don't mind him
<SnaPsH0t> ...
<frostbrent> haha
<SnaPsH0t> lmao
<DrWolf> hehe

<Ugly_rit> !seen dalnet's_stability
<SnaPsH0t> Last seen: No match
<frostbrent> Last seen: No match
<Ugly_rit> figured as much...

* POIO-Share-Bot has joined #ROIO
* POIO-Share-Bot has left #ROIO

<MuabDib> what was he doing here?
<MuabDib> this is a fuckin family channel

<Muzique> my phone may ring any minute
<TheGordy> why?
<UglierNHell> it'll be charles
<Muzique> charles will call....
<Muzique> "Hey! Im banned! how do i get back in?"