* piinkfloyyd needs to learn Dytch
<piinkfloyyd> oops
<piinkfloyyd> Dutch
<piinkfloyyd> and typing

<piinkfloyyd> Aux, in, out, in, out, in, out
<piinkfloyyd> having sex with your comp?

<DibMuab> i am wearing nothing as usual
<UglierNHell> hmmm
<UglierNHell> shouldn't you be with a chick then?
<UglierNHell> or something..
<DibMuab> she does my typing for me
<DibMuab> i just dictate
<DibMuab> dont you darling
<DibMuab> no dont type that
<DibMuab> oh you silly cow

<Auximenies> ..after a small typing error Auxi ends up in #poo
<Seamus> awooo

<DrWolf> tchooom!!!!!!!
<DrWolf> I got a bad cold :\
<Demysas> aha
<DrWolf> :)
<Demysas> hope we won't get infected by you
<DrWolf> hehe
<DrWolf> nothing worse than getting a virus on irc ;)

<piinkfloyyd> Im from NH and know that NO-ONE other than me and two others give a shit
   about floyd

* piinkfloyyd is now known as BarryManilow
* BarryManilow realizes that with no-one home, he can take over the channel,
   steal all the PF roio's, and convert the channel to Barry Manilow roio's,
   his favorite artist

<BarryManilow> ;)

<mihalis> dr wolf... where are you located?
<DrWolf> between blahbleh and Edivon
<DrWolf> can u see me I'm waving :)