<Eugene> [15:55] [Eugene PING reply]: 14secs
<DrWolf> ouch
<Eugene> that means I am 14 secs away from myself
<Eugene> in another dimension
<Eugene> and if its lag, that means Im 14 secs BEHIND myself
<DrWolf> lol
<Eugene> I better slow down so we meet...

<DocProg> noise reduct needs a very delicate touch
<DocProg> that's where my feminine side comes in handy lol

<fairway> why is pink floyd this famous?
<piinkfloyyd> because Im cool?
<piinkfloyyd> hehehe
<DrWolf> because they are great a great band.
<Seamus> ohh
<piinkfloyyd> actually, if you have to ask that question, maybe youre in the wrong room?
<fairway> hehe
<DrWolf> lol

<KingZeppelin> its a gas gas gas
<TheGordy> don't pass gas

<DocProg> anyone know the ketchup song ?

<zapayo> someone want to talk in spanish with me
<DocProg> dos cervecas por favor

<SkUnKaDeLiC> do a scandisc
* Seamus scans Gordy...full of bugs
<Seamus> don't go near him
<TheGordy> lol
<Seamus> quarantine!
<DrWolf> yay!
<DrWolf> j/k
<TheGordy> ...

<fairway>: which are the best roios of roios?

<PinkZeppelin> I went to school and guess what
<UglierNHell> you realized you were naked?
<PinkZeppelin> not till one of the kids said something