<Seamus> what shall we use to fill the empty spaces where we used to talk

<grogg_243> i'd just like to say that serving on roio rocks
<grogg_243> great to hear new (to me) floyd and supply it to others
<DrWolf> sure does, but boy u need some ass licking lesson
<grogg_243> lol
<DrWolf> hehe
<DrWolf> j/k

<SkUnKaDeLiC> that means u keep us sweet with new roios and we do the same
<SkUnKaDeLiC> hehehe
<TheGordy> or you die
<TheGordy> that was insensitive of me
<TheGordy> scratch that from the #roio records

<KingZeppelin> now who else wants some of my sweet,sweet sugar filled music
* SnaPsH0t yawns
<MuabDib> beware it rots your teeth folks
* SirSeamus chews on a biscuit
* drowsyandmadferit yawns
* KingZeppelin sighs

<SkUnKaDeLiC|scored|inagoodmood> i promise you and the community in 2 days i will
<SkUnKaDeLiC|scored|inagoodmood> cause my fucking money didnt come today :(
<frostbrent> fucking money?
<SkUnKaDeLiC|scored|inagoodmood> thats why im in a bad mood
<SkUnKaDeLiC|scored|inagoodmood> haha
<frostbrent> you started acting in pornmovies now?
<frostbrent> since you get fucking money i mean

<KingZeppelin> damn that song is good
<KingZeppelin> it's like making love to a beautiful, beautiful woman
<n00bhippy> yeah, keep telling yourself that its just as good
<n00bhippy> ;)

<onhtaemde-> why do you keep on joining and quitting, Mystere ?
<DocProg> he likes quickies

* Seamus cries for the moon
<DocProg> can someone please moon Seamus ?