<KingZeppelin> kingzeppelin's list is amazing
<KingZeppelin> AMAZING
<tatter> you should've at lease changed your nick name before saying that! :)

<grogg_243> oh my gosh
<grogg_243> the bass is shaking me
<Blue_and_Purple_pills> well don't sit on the speakers mate

<UglierNHell> i was in your position just a few days ago :)
<Auximenies> rofl
<SnaPsH0t> emm sitting in front of MY computer??
<UglierNHell> yea sure why not
<UglierNHell> lol
<SnaPsH0t> lol
<Auximenies> haha
<UglierNHell> i just flew back from the netherlands
<UglierNHell> and boy are my arms tired
* Auximenies locks the doors and Windows (tm)
<SnaPsH0t> hehe

<Auximenies> <OldGuitarMan> I'm going to walk around the house in my under roos <-- -- what the crap are under roos?
<OldGuitarMan> body underwear with your favorite cartoon characters on them

<OldGuitarMan> I used to be crazy for Joce until I found out she was a he
<UglierNHell> hahaha

<UglierNHell> gordy shut up or i'll kick you in the shn

* SnaPsH0t just woke to bed now.........
<UglierNHell> hahaha dre
<SkUnKaDeLiC> cya dre
<UglierNHell> cya
<SnaPsH0t> cya
<UglierNHell> waking up then right back to bed
<UglierNHell> what a great thing
<UglierNHell> hehe

<DrWolf> seamus you won't believe what happen to me tonight
<DrWolf> a chick gave me her phone number and we didn't even talk
<DrWolf> if only I could remeber if she was pretty or not :/