<ozziz> hey joe, ya in here?
<KarnEvil> yup
<ozziz> k hehe
<ozziz> you ever change anything about yourself?
<ozziz> like a drastic change?
<KarnEvil> you mean like a sex change?
<ozziz> lol
<ozziz> well maybe not that drastic
<ozziz> like a change in style
<ozziz> like clothing etc
<KarnEvil> hmmm
<ozziz> and i dont mean the change between little joe to big joe
<ozziz> lol
<KarnEvil> haha

<CharlesP> grr damn triggers

* TheGordy sighs and begins to cry
<Seamus> I don't have Iron Pigs, sorry Gordy
* Seamus hands Gordy a hanky, dry your eyes, get yourself together man!
* TheGordy panics

<frostbrent> unknown artist you say?
<Seamus> antigravity CD
<frostbrent> i think i got a couple of albums by him too
<frostbrent> :)
<frostbrent> is it working?
<frostbrent> do you feel lighter?
<Seamus> lighter of wallet at least
<frostbrent> hehe

<Madass> yep im madass and an accident happen
<UglierNHell> is that ssadam backwards
<Madass> my chemical weapon the ban leaked out
<UglierNHell> ;)
<OldGuitarMan> lol
<Madass> yes
<Madass> gold medal for joe
<UglierNHell> shouldn't it be maddas
<Madass> yea
* Madass is now known as Maddas
<Maddas> hehe