* goldfarb7 goes to a strip club and gets a lap dance
<Muzique> who are you getting the lap dance from goldfarb?
<goldfarb7> some stripper with real thingies
<goldfarb7> and no tatoos
<goldfarb7> and no pants! ;)
<Muzique> lol
<goldfarb7> I stole them :)
<Muzique> and i bet i know why

<SkUnKaDeLiC> what god wants (pt 4): god wants pain, god wants ice cream
<Muzique> god wants love from a turkish dove
<Muzique> god wants monkeys, god wants skunkys, all god wants is to get down and get funky
<goldfarb7> God wants peace, God wants war, God wants famine, God wants chain stores
<Muzique> god wants you, god wants me, what god wants is ..... you and me?
<goldfarb7> God wants gigolos, God wants giraffes, God wants politics, God wants a good laugh
<CheesyGorditaCrunch> God wants puppies, God wants love, God wants kittens,
   God wants bugs
* goldfarb7 is hit by lightening because that's what god wants

* goldfarb7 looks at the new roio just released by #crackheadsroios: Whose Pants Have Your
   Boots Been Under (Duet between Shania Twain and Ben Dover Goldfarb)

<goldfarb7> it was performed live in my living room and recorded on a sony minidisc...
   by the family cat

<DrWolf> oh my, I'm in a akward position
<Seamus> call the chiropractor

<DrWolf> some strange folks out there
<DrWolf> oh I do know.
<DrWolf> I'm the only sane human being I've ever met

* KarnEvil (unh@17833c43.241b33b.3cae4b8e.17dc4bf9X) has joined #roio
<KarnEvil> stfu
<KarnEvil> fo
<KarnEvil> esad
<KarnEvil> uh
<KarnEvil> etc
<KarnEvil> :)
* KarnEvil (unh@17833c43.241b33b.3cae4b8e.17dc4bf9X) has left #roio

* Seamus listens to: Unknown Artist - Untitled (160kbps) [34:25/40:57]