* Auximenies sticks a lit match between Muzique's toes!
* Auximenies slaps Muzique with a fire hose!
* Auximenies slaps Muzique with an old diaper full of extricated chile burritos!
* Auximenies sings.... It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day to be neighbors,
   would you be mine, could you be mine: Hello everyone, todays special word is 'lamer',
   can you say l-a-m-e-r? "Muzique" good....I am so proud of you... "won't you be, my lamer...."
* Auximenies slaps Muzique around a bit and Muzique likes it...
* Auximenies thinks that Muzique REALLY needs a BATH..... :)
* Auximenies wraps one hand with cloth, dips it in resin and then shards of broken glass,
   and punches Muzique in the face.
* Auximenies Greets Muzique. Chief Dirty Ass from the Never Wipe Tribe
* Auximenies sneaks up behind Muzique and puts a live tarantula down Muzique 's pants!!"

<Auximenies> ..etc etc..
<Auximenies> well im done picking on Muzique..
<Auximenies> hehe i love picking on him when he's not here to defend himself
<Auximenies> it makes me feel manly

* andy311 ( has joined #ROIO
<andy311> i wish i was dead
* andy311 ( Quit (Quit: )

* TheGordy listens to #roio CDR18 "Cyndi Lauper-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in London"

<Pict> dumdum didey
<Seamus> sony woofer
<Muab`Dib> diddlydidum
<Seamus> squolly pocker dum
<Muab`Dib> boy are we bored

* Muzique dances
* goldfarb7 pours himself a large glass of beer
* goldfarb7 then asks Muzique to dance with less clothing on
* Muzique takes off his pants and dances around the room
* goldfarb7 wakes up and wonders where his pants are
* Muzique tosses goldfarb his pants

* TheGordy is now known as CheesyGorditaCrunch
* CheesyGorditaCrunch is now known as Crackhead
* Crackhead is now known as Again
* Again is now known as SteakBowl