<DrWolf> strange that i didn't get disconected in the last 24hr
<DrWolf> but it looks like i've only been online for less than an hour
<Auximenies> hmmm
<Auximenies> that would do it
<DrWolf> but how did I log in while I was sleeping?
* Auximenies finds a log
<Auximenies> ahh yes.. here we go..
<Auximenies> -Connects - DrWolfenstein
<Auximenies> <DrWolf-Sleepin> man.. im asleep
<Auximenies> <AuxiGODLIKEMenies>oh.. really?
<Auximenies> <DoKTORWULFSLEEPPALZ> yes..
<Auximenies> <TEHGORDY> so.. tell us embarrasing stories
<Auximenies> <DRWULF> well once.. .. i was 12 at camp.. and i walked in,...
   on two of my teachers having sex.. i watched for an hour or more...
<Auximenies> <Edivon> .. .. ..
<Auximenies> <TheGordy> .....
<Auximenies> <DrWALF> .. what? never happened to you ghuys?
<DrWolf> LMAO
<Auximenies> teeheehee.. .

* TheGordy is now known as CheesyGorditaCrunch
<Muzique> :)
* frostbrent eats a CheesyGorditaCrunch
<frostbrent> mmmm
<Muzique> lol
<frostbrent> yummi!
<Splittis> What's that?
<frostbrent> a new #roio snack
<frostbrent> they're quite tasty

<OpethianSoul> no, I will not fall for that
<OpethianSoul> are you the one with it in your quit message?
<OpethianSoul> I clicked on it earlier for the first time to see what it was
<Splittis> No way I'm falling for that one again =)
<Auximenies> rofl
<Auximenies> but i get money every time you go there and then i can be a
  porn star guru some day rofl

<Auximenies> guys: two people, /nick and /quit are on a boat. /nick falls off the boat.
   who's left on the boat?