<pijadura> i want one of this !!!
<Demysas> guess so....
<Demysas> I'll ask AMxima to drop one by
<Demysas> Maxima*
<pijadura> what you mean ????
<Demysas> you know who maxima is?
<pijadura> no
<pijadura> :(
<Demysas> you from argentina?
<pijadura> yes
<Demysas> hahahahahahaha
<Demysas> you kill me
<pijadura> maxima the princess
<Demysas> yeaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Demysas> hahahahaha
<pijadura> ja ja

* JeGe listens to the Gap-band

<MuabDib> hey i gotta tell you about reporting my problems to isp help desk
<MuabDib> said i couldnt connect cos of modem problem and told them of my error message
<Seamus> right
<MuabDib> so they said they'd send me a program to clean up my disc to correct it
<MuabDib> by post said i
<MuabDib> no they said - to my email address
<Seamus> idiots
<MuabDib> hehehe
<MuabDib> company policy
<MuabDib> can only send to the isp email address

<Auximenies> when you buy a pr0nstar.. you actually can view the pr0n lol
<OpethianSoul> nice
<OpethianSoul> sounds like too much work, though
<OpethianSoul> I'd rather just go to the free pr0n sites I already know about and click
  and wank without misleading people to a url
<Auximenies> rofl

<Auximenies>  <SnaPsH0t> ;)
<Auximenies>  <SnaPsH0t> hm
<Auximenies>  * SnaPsH0t does the retarded, illogical hand dance :D / - < D: ] - < :D \ - <
<Auximenies>  <SnaPsH0t> 1st and last time
<Auximenies>  <SnaPsH0t> dam..back hurts