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Frequently Asked Questions


  - What the f*ck is SHN?
- How can register my nick?
- How can I let mIRC accept all files?
- Why can't I download zip-files?
- I can receive but not send. How can I fix this problem?

- What the f*ck is SHN? <

Follow this link to 'A small SHN and MD5 FAQ'

- How can register my nick? <

You can register your nick!
It prevents others from using your nick.

You can register it by doing this:

type in the status window the following:

  /msg nickserv REGISTER (your password) (your e-mail address)

After that you will receive an e-mail with instructions

You need to identfy your nick every time you logon to
Automate it by going to Options/Irc/Perform and type:

  /msg nickserv IDENTIFY (your password)

Next time you logon your nick will be identified...

- How can I let mIRC accept all files? <

Go to mIRC options/DCC and change it to the following:


Then go to 'Folders' and add:

*.shn,*.md5,*.mpg to the 'DCC Get folders'

Also disable DCC Ignore and disable 'turn ignore back on in x minutes'
as shown on the next pic.:


- Why can't I download zip-files? <

You have to 'dccallow' the server (or user).

by typing: '/dccallow +server- (or user)name' in the channel window

after that you can download zip-files

- I can receive but not send. How can I fix this problem? <

- Router/Firewall

First and all.. when you're behind a firewall and/or Router: switch it off and try to send a file
When you're able to send now you need to open(forward) the following ports

    59,  113,  6667-6669,  4001-4015

Change the last range of ports in mirc settings too..
default is 1024-5000 and it's a too wide range
(why open more than neccesary ;) so change this to 4000-4015 here:

Ports in Mirc

Check the manual (of your router) how to open/forward the ports or go to this site:

If you're still unable to send... check the next options:

- Fill Spaces

mIRC HATES spaces in filenames, as this leads to it interpreting the dcc messages wrong.
To fix this mIRC has an option called fill spaces. To make sure it's switched on,
right click on your nick, click DCC, then click send. You should then see a screen like
the one below

Fill Spaces

If the fill spaces box isn't ticked then tick it, select any file and then press send.
mIRC will now remember this option.

- Local Host and Server

In order to do dcc sends mIRC needs to know your local host and ip number. To find if this is set
go to File, Options, Connect, Local Info and you should see a screen like the one below.

Local Info

If either of the top 2 boxes aren't filled in then that's the cause of the problem.
Ensure that the 'Local Host' and 'Server' boxes are both ticked, if they aren't tick them,
disconnect from mIRC and then reconnect. Go back to same screen and hopefully those boxes
will now be completed. This is the cause of 90% of the problems people have.

If those boxes will not fill in on their own you can try manually entering your hostname
& IP address in those boxes to see if that will cure it.

If you don't know what they are you can type /whois <yournick> in the chan
Somewhere in the results you find something like:

    real hostname:

Type these over in Local Host ( and IP Address (, reconnect, connect again and try to send a file manually.

Note that if you're on a dynamic ip, these details will change each time you connect to the internet.


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