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How Logon?


  • Download mIRC and install it! ;)
  • Open mIRC and go to Options:

    mIRC options

  • Choose a random server. Or add it:

    Press the "Add" button
    then fill in:
    IRC server:
    Port(s): 6667
    and press the "Add" button

  • Use whatever name you want and
    if you want a fake e-mail address. (almost nobody uses a valid one)
    Fill in your nickname & an alternative nickname what will be used when your 'normal'
    nickname is in use. (go to the faq to learn how to register your nick)


  • Go to 'File' and press connect or just click on the lightning icon.
    You should get connected to

  • Now you should get a 'connect dialog'. Add #roio and enter the channel.
    Or if the 'connect dialog' does not appear: go to 'commands/join channel'

  • Something like this should come up:

    #ROIO channel

  • Smile! You're on Candid Camera now! ;))))

  • To the right of the screen you can see the peoples names who are in the
    channel. The operators have @ next to their name -- be nice to them :P.
    Most of the op's (@name) and everybody with voice
    (marked by + in front of their name) serve ROIO's :)

  • Type @ followed by their name to get their filelist (example: @Edivon or @Skunkadelic)

  • When you do this you'll get a window up saying "user" is trying to send you a file.
    Accept the file (you can later set up mIRC to auto accept all files,
    or go to the faq now) and read how to change the settings.

  • Click here for an example list

  • To get a file from the list, copy and paste each song one by one (or max! 3)
    in the channel.

  • Happy leeching! (and don't forget! share your stuff if possible!)

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